Interview Sushi Samba restaurant

July 26, 2013


Today I represent as a photographer for Asian Fusion Magazine. I came to Sushi Samba restaurant with an editor and an intern. They were going to interview the chef, and I was going to take picture for the interview.

It is a nice sunny day. We sat down at the second floor which is like a garden. Very pretty.

12-IMG_0054 08-IMG_0155 07-IMG_0144

The chef has very nice personality. and the interview went very smoothly. I feel like it is more like a sunday afternoon family tea time. Does not feel like a magazine interview. Ha..

01-IMG_0296IMG_021804-IMG_0318 as Smart Object-1

Later chef brought us to the kitchen. She was going to bring us two dishes for tasting. food again..Ha..

11-IMG_0393 10-IMG_0441

Its was my first time indeed shooting food under natural light condition without using flash. For my past I always shoot food indoor. so I need to use flash. but this time I think the natural light is very nice.

It is a sunny day, so the quality of light is pretty harsh. I did not bring diffuser. so all I could do was to use white card on the side to bounce back some light to fill in the shadows. It is not a dramatic difference. but it does soften the shadow a lot. I think the result is fine. It does not has to be always soft window light type of lighting. Sometimes a feeling of sunny day is good too.

06-IMG_0474 09-IMG_0461

Chef was pouring the liquid very quickly. so I need to shoot very fast. I was a bit rush. I think I could choose a better background. I feel the background is a bit distracting.


The food must be delicious. You see our editor and intern feel so good. Ha.

But to be honest, I feel the food has strong western flavor. I am not sure how this serves Asian people.

IMG_0377 IMG_0495

By the way this is my last time working with them. The editor has been working with the magazine for 8 months, and she is looking for better opportunity now. and the intern will go back to China for vacation and when she comes back, she will start her new semester.

Best wish to you two!

05-IMG_0253 IMG_0484 as Smart Object-1s


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