2013 Miss NY Chinese beauty Pageant Talent Show


August 2, 2013


I attended 2013 Miss NY Chinese Talent show at Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel.

14 beautiful contestants were on the stage to showcase their talent tonight.

I was not the official photographer, so I could not grab the best spot for taking picture.

The venue was fully packed with people. Many of them were VIP Sponsor, such as Mohegan Sun, TVB, 麗興恆生集團, La Peau Day Spa, Sheraton Hotel and many more.

On the back were the judge who give the score for each contestant.



The performance was better than I expected. Well, it was my first time attend the show so I did not not know what to expect. But they have been doing it for over decade now, so they have rich experience, must be good, right!

The group performance part was very good. They performed some popular song. If you are a fan of asian pop culture. you should be able to recognize. Yes, that is gangnam style and nobody from wonder girls.



25-IMG_1460 18-IMG_1306

I also like a few of the solo performance too.

Actually I feel this contestant (No. 2 Nina Zhang) has the most balanced body shape there and also good looking. Dance was fine.

11-IMG_1153 12-IMG_1182

This contestant (No. 13 Anni Liu) did a very beautiful traditional Asian dance. I was so absorbed in her dance. when the music and movement combined, it attract me a lot. I feel like I time travel back to ancient China.

23-IMG_1398 22-IMG_1373

This one (No. 9 Crystal Zhang) is wild. Both looking and movement. ha. By the way she is only 17 years old.

27-IMG_1496 28-IMG_1513

This one (No.3 Michelle Kaszuba) is Cute, vivid and energetic. She give me a feeling like she is from High school. but indeed she is 24 years old. Can not tell girls age nowadays.

15-IMG_1262 14-IMG_1252 13-IMG_1248

Other contestants all did a great job too.

26-IMG_1484 21-IMG_1356 20-IMG_1341 16-IMG_1274 08-IMG_1120 10-IMG_1142 01-IMG_1000 02-IMG_1009 24-IMG_1449

As you can see even judge can not decide which one is better than another.


I look forward to see the outcome of the final contest in August 17 at Mohegan Sun Casino.


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