Some thoughts on personal and business content for social media platform

Once a friend told me that if she wants to talk anything related to her work or promote her business, she will create a separate account for each social media platform. I think nowadays many people are struggle whether should separate business from personal account.

Well, I just feel work and business are also part of your personal life. Don’t tell me you can switch to a total different self, and only be that self during work. If you can do that, you must be in suffering.  I think whatever you have experienced in your work is a component of you. What you see, what you feel, and what you want to say in your work. That all parts of yourself. I think it is really hard to separate personal from business. and it is too much trouble to do so. You need to constantly switch between different account to share things related to personal and work. More importantly you are constantly switch and separate different self. That is a pain in long term.

You are the one representing your business. If I want to do business with someone, I want to know him at some level. If I can see some personal picture at his facebook account or instagram account, that would be great. It feel more intimate with the person I am going to deal with. I think people want to know you before doing business with you. So why not just blend your personal stuffs into your business world. No need to separate a lot.

By the way one thing I find interesting is that many of my friends they do not want people to see their working experience on facebook profile. Ok..But do you know people can still search and find your entire detailed working experience easily on your linkedin profile? unless you delete your linkedin profile, it is there on the internet.


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