My insight about using Twitter

Ok, I am a very new twitter user. I have been using twitter for about 3 weeks now. and I already have a lot to say.

1. I think it is crazy that people following thousands of other people. When I browse other people profile, I find it is quite normal a regular people has 1k to 10k following. I am talking about following not follower. That is way more than average people have for their Facebook friends.

2. Some people follow me, but I did not follow them back, and after 2, 3 days I find they unfollow me. That is quite interesting. I assume that this is one approach to get people follow you by follow that people first? but I think not everyone will folllow back whoever follow them first.

3. I do not think people really can read so many tweets from people they following. Most people will tweet multiple posts a day. let’s see you have 1000 following, the tweets you are going to see on your home page are at least 2000 per day. I think even with hundreds following, it is still pretty hard to keep track with so many tweets. Personally I think I can only be able to read the amount of tweets from less than 100 following. And that still need spending huge time on reading.

4. It makes me feel people just want to make impression by showing big numbers of following on their profile. Personally if I know I am not be able to read so many tweets, I am not going to follow so many people.

5. That brings to the question. Since your followers probably do not read your tweet, so what is the numbers of follower really means to you and your client if you are trying to promote your business. I think the number is too vague. I would be happy if one third of followers can see my tweets. Really if you use twitter, you know this.

6. Good thing about twitter is that it is really information bombarding. I could not think a better way to consume information at such fast speed and huge amounts.

7. The hash tag feature provides a great way to find information related to your search interest. Sometimes it gives me a surprise by doing hash tag search.

8. If you have good content and with hash tag. People can still find your tweet even if nobody follow you. I only have 9 followers now. But a few tweets have been retweeted by non-followers. That is cool. That would not happen with Facebook. With Facebook  if nobody likes your page, the chance is perhaps nobody will see your post. That said, I think creating good content in twitter, you have more chance to get exposed or discovered by other people than with Facebook.


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