Mango Fashion Show

August 23, 2013


Today I attended the Mango fashion show at Queens Crossing at Flushing, Queens.


It was held at an event space at Queens Crossing shopping mall located at Flushing, Queens.

Show started around 8pm. People came earlier. They were enjoy the free drink and beer. And also have fun taking picture with friends in front of the cool Mango canvas.

05-IMG_9762 01-IMG_0010 02-IMG_0021 12-IMG_0319 15-IMG_9791

The space is not very big.  But I feel sometimes small space provide more intimacy between guests and models. Literally the people in the first row is only 2 feet away from the models.

Large fashion show feels grand. Small fashion show feels more interactive and dynamic.


I feel Mango cloth should fit Asian girl very well. Well, I am not sure though. But I am an Asian guy. When I look at those cloth, I feel they look pretty nice.

10-IMG_0256 09-IMG_0241 08-IMG_0223 07-IMG_0209 as Smart Object-1 06-IMG_0191 04-IMG_0136 03-IMG_0123 11-IMG_0292 1-IMG_0154 2-IMG_0226 3-IMG_0251Yeah, I know there is weird color cast on their face. I can not do much about it. They have different color lighting on the spot.

The show lasted about 40 mins. It is kind long for fashion show. Usually fashion show only last like 15-20 mins. That is good. I feel very content about the show.


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