Quick photoshoot for 2013 Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant top 3

August 28, 2013


Today I did a quick photoshoot for Asian Fusion Magazine.

They need a photo of 2013 Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant top 3 for the article.

I am not really a portrait/fashion photographer. Because I am really bad at direct model and communicate with model.

I am really good at candid shot. I am very sensitive to people action and emotion. Therefore I am really good at capture moment. But if you give me a model, and let me direct her, tell her what to do. I am not good.

That said I can still take great portrait photo if someone can help me direct them. Thankfully my coworker is good at it.

14-IMG_0817 as Smart Object-1 10-IMG_0840 02-IMG_0842 11-IMG_0871

It was take place at La Peau day spa. Their make up artist is the official make up artist for Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant for over decade.

The space is limited. I had to place my 43 inch umbrella very close to them. The light fall off is very obvious. Leg is a lot darker than face. Therefore full body does not look good. I have some full body shots, the leg just too dark compare to face. so half body is the best here. I also can not move back further. so I was shooting at wide angle.

I used second light at right to add some highlight. but I did not bring grid or stripbox. so the light spill to the wall at background. Well…That is very technical. That said many times a good subject, good pose and good facial expression are more important than a technically good lighting.

Also some photo during interview.

06-IMG_0645 12-IMG_0684 08-IMG_0673 05-IMG_0696 04-IMG_0734

Three girls have very distinct personality. Everyone shows unique aspect. No wonder they are top 3. They must have very charming personality to attract public and judge.

It is good to do some portrait work. Maybe after a lot of practice and experience shooting portrait, I can be very good at direct model. Right? Who knows…


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