I know I am too honest and it will hurt myself..

I know I am too honest and not a smart guy.

I just finish watching a video on youtube called The Grid: Episode 111 – Why You Need a Portfolio.


It is made by the famous kelby traning. (If you are involved with photography, you should know)

And one topic they mentioned in the video is about be careful about what to write on your photography blog.

Do not write your mistake related to your photography experience. Unless you are doing a educational/tutorial type of post, do not write you mistake or what can be improved in your post. It will only give bad impression to potential client. People only care about the final result.

Now look at my blog and my posts. I was writing my mistake and what can be improve at almost every photography post….I even write what I am not good at…..I know I am really stupid…I am not a smart guy. Maybe that why I can not make money….

But I just want to write down those mistake or things can be improved. So my next photoshoot will be better and better. I am confident that I am a good photographer. and I know I will become better and better. I just want to write down everything I experienced during my photoshoot. I am honest. I am also writing things that I think I am really good at, things I did very well during the photoshoot. I want to write both good and bad. Basically I want to tell readers my thoughts about the photoshoot. Hopefully people can get inspired or learn something.

If I only write good things and get rid of bad parts. That is really too fake. I hate it. I think every photoshoot must contain good part and some not good parts. There is no perfect photoshoot in my opinion. No matter how good the photoshoot is, I beleive there are still some minor issues exist  That’s the things can be improved next time. So I think if we can write those things down in our blog. That is really appreciated for our readers.

I am really an authentic person. I know it might hurt me…but I believe that is how a person should be.


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