A different way to present food photography

Ok, I only have two photos to demonstrate my point.

Basically to use human subject to interact with food to stimulate people’s appetite.



When I post these two photos on my facebook. My friends love it. The photo makes them also want to try the food out. I think by present food photography this way, it feels interesting. It can grab people’s attention, arouse their curiosity, more likely to stimulate their appetite. I am not saying we should only shoot food like this. I am saying if we can give variety, that is always good.

Things need to be concerned.

1. Need good looking people, otherwise might give opposed effect…Make people lose appetite…

2. Need good lighting. Those snapshot people took in the restaurant is not good. If you want use the photo for promoting your business, need good lighting.

3. Hard to make the composition. Because we still take food photography, not a portrait shot, so need to emphasis mainly on the food not the people.

I have another photo. I think it is more on the portrait side rather than on the food side.


Composition become more critical. That is one major challenge.

Also we can choose a middle path. We can only show part of body, maybe not showing the face. For example, only showing a gesture, like hand grab a burger or sip a chocolate coffee. By showing gesture, adding movement to the static food photography, it should feel more interesting.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. TechieChef说道:

    i liked the approach

    1. liukaitc说道:

      Thanks! I wish I can have more chance to experiment.


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