Photography chinaware at home

Even though I am kind of lazy to practice photography recently, I still need to give myself homework once a while.

I have a nice set of chinaware at home. I think I will give it a try.

The cup is not as reflective as jewelry, but not matte either.

This is the final image.

IMG_3203no smoke

It is hot tea. but I believe due to light color background, the smoke does not show up. I think in order to show up the smoke, it need black background. So I added some fake smoke in photoshop.


This is the lighting set up


You should notice I put a black paper in front. That thing has its purpose. The cup does not reflect anything on side, but it reflects things beneath it. Yes it reflects something from the bamboo mat. It looks ugly.


In order to get rid of it, I need to use black paper to cover the bamboo mat. Then the reflection is gone. Later use photoshop to mask only the part I want to keep.

IMG_3203black paper

Overall I believe I did a good job. It took me 4, 5 hours to get this look. I have undergo other type of lighting set up and many fine tuning.

IMG_2955 IMG_3164s

Let me know if you have any thought and idea.


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