Celebrate Taiwan at Grand Central Terminal


Today I attended a big event at Grand Central Terminal for celebrating Taiwan.


The sponsor are Taiwan Tourism Bureau and Smithsonian Museum. Actually today was the annual museum day live hosted by Smithsonian magazine. This time they partnership with Taiwan Tourism to present this event that features Taiwan’s food, art, culture performance and fashion show.

Host are from Asian in NY.

43-IMG_3277 as Smart Object-1

Food Demonstration features Chef Chang from Shinyeh Taiwanese Restaurant

02-IMG_3291 (1) 32-IMG_3268

Aboriginal Dance Performance by Yungli Dance (原住民舞蹈表演)

03-IMG_3304 (1) 48-IMG_3324

Taiwan’s signature figure: Third Prince 三太子表演

05-IMG_3329 (1) 08-IMG_3353 (1)

Artist PangChiu Liu demonstrating calligraphy and porcelain carving work (劉邦秋老師示範書法瓷刻)


Yo-yo performance. Very cool. It is different from traditional yo-yo. I think it looks the best when combine with pop dance.

09-IMG_3381 (1) 14-IMG_3415 16-IMG_3423

Taiwanese Designers Fashion Show (AsianInNY Presents Malan Breton collection by designer Malan Breton and Accrochez, Cynical Cher’I, Val Kyrie collections from PRAXES led by designer Wenlan Chia.) (台灣設計師的時裝秀)

61-IMG_33571 62-IMG_335712

19-IMG_3459 21-IMG_3466_1 23-IMG_3473_1 54-IMG_3642 52-IMG_3629 50-IMG_3609 49-IMG_3595 46-IMG_3587 45-IMG_3583 44-IMG_3570 42-IMG_3563 41-IMG_3549 40-IMG_3536 38-IMG_3522 37-IMG_3517 36-IMG_3510 35-IMG_3508 29-IMG_3487_1 27-IMG_3481_1 25-IMG_3478_1

It was a great event. Look forward to the event next year.


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