Photoshoot for IRIS cakes



This should be my fifth time to photography product from IRIS bakery in the past half year. They are cool. They just keep making new product like every two month. I do not know if there is any other bakery shop like this. And they told me they are going to have new line of product again next month….

Today all I photographed was cakes.


My usual lighting set up. Two umbrellas, one on top and one on left side. Use same background through all shoot. I did not change setting between. This is a catalog type of work. I shoot total 30 cakes in 2 hours. It is not practical to change setting between shot.

The surface was actually a stole I bought at UNIQLO. I choose to use this as surface because their cakes are Japanese style, I think this stole fit the theme of eastern asian very well. However the owner said the setting is old fashioned after I give the photo to him. Well, I do not know about it. Any clue?

03-03-IMG_3722 05-05-IMG_3725 08-08-IMG_3732 11-11-IMG_3736 13-13-IMG_3742 14-14-IMG_3744 18-18-IMG_3752 20-20-IMG_3755 21-21-IMG_3757_1 24-24-IMG_3768 27-27-IMG_3773 28-28-IMG_3777 33-33-IMG_3789 35-35-IMG_3796 38-38-IMG_3802 42-42-IMG_3809 43-43-IMG_3810 45-45-IMG_3818 47-47-IMG_3825 48-48-IMG_3829_1 55-55-IMG_3844 57-57-IMG_3851 59-59-IMG_3859 60-60-IMG_3864 62-62-IMG_3873 64-64-IMG_3880

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  1. The Cosy Kitchen说道:

    These are beautiful!

    1. liukaitc说道:



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