Photoshoot at WONG restaurant



An Asian fusion style restaurant called WONG located at west village.

Not a huge space. Decoration not too fancy. But it got good vibe.

IMG_4881s IMG_4874s IMG_4871s

Food maybe a bit expensive for student. One entry is about $25

The food look very nice. Their chef did a good job of styling. I tried all the food after photoshoot. They taste really good.

IMG_4802s IMG_4820s IMG_4828s IMG_4847s IMG_4835s IMG_4859s IMG_4861s

I have to say it again. Food styling and props are so important for food photography.

You can see once the food, the utensils and the table look good, the photo will look very nice. (of course with good lighting)

Hope you do not feel like to eat dinner again after seeing my photo..


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