Traditional Chinese food all look same.



Today I did a photoshoot for a grand opening Chinese restaurant located at Jersey city. It is called Shanghai’s best.

Most food they serve are very traditional and authentic Chinese food.

After the photoshoot, I realized that those kind of food I have been shoot over and over for many times. All the sudden I got an idea that all those traditional Chinese food look same. This is the truth perhaps everybody knows it. but I first time have a such clear thought about this after photography them today. It feel like an enlightenment. Funny.

That said people can easily find a photo for every dish at those stock photo website. and use the photo for menu. People would never know it is a photo from other restaurant.

All those well known traditional Chinese food has been there for over thousand years. That the way they look like. People have an clear image in their mind when they associate with a name of the dish. It is not like a western dish. You perhaps can not imagine how it looks until the food is in front of you. Many times you experience emotion like Wow, this looks so pretty, so cute. Because chef can give very fresh and unique look to a simple food by styling. But there isn’t much styling difference in traditional Chinese food.

Ok. so I think it all come down to taste for traditional Chinese food. And even though they all look same, I still hope my photo can arouse your appetite.

01-IMG_5090 06-IMG_5105 10-IMG_5111 15-IMG_5118 18-IMG_5125 23-IMG_5133 33-IMG_5150 35-IMG_5153 37-IMG_5162_1 40-IMG_5167 44-IMG_5182 45-IMG_5185 52-IMG_5214 56-IMG_5229 60-IMG_5239



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