At 4th annual New York Chinese Film Festival 2013

November 5-7, 2013

Red Carpet Opening Night Ceremony & the U.S. Premiere Film Screening:
So Young
Tuesday, November 5, 2013
Lincoln Center, Alice Tully Hall, NYC

Film Screenings
Wednesday & Thursday, November 6 – 7, 2013
AMC Empire 25, NYC

China Night Closing Ceremony
Thursday, November 7, 2013
Capitale, NYC

This is my second time attend this event as a photographer. I attended the 2nd one in 2011. However this time I was attended as the house photographer. I had pretty good spot for the red carpet. I was at dead center at the red carpet. The red carpet start around 5:30pm

Donnie Yen with his wife Cecilia Wang


Vivian Dawson with Jade lin. Rising stars in China, not as famous as other stars from this event right now. But because of their elegant looking, still got a lot attention at the red carpet. I remember two and three photographer asked Jade Lin to pose for them.


Xiubo Wu. Super famous right now in China. One reason is for his recent movie, “Finding Mr. Right”.


I find stars did not tend to look at me. That makes me frustrated. I was at center. and I did shout out, “look in the middle”. but stars still tend to look at other photographers. maybe because I was too short? and the spot was crazy. The photographer next me got irritated and she screamed to others, “do not push.” and one responded, “This is the way it is. What do you expect.” then silence…

There are two more famous stars, Wei Zhao and Miriam Yeung. I missed them at the red carpet because I was brought to VIP room.


Wei Zhao and Guoxiang Sun, Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in New York


People moved to theater for the premiere of movie, “So Young”.



I finished watching the whole movie of So Young. I am kind surprised the first half of the movie is very good. Honestly, I am a Chinese but I hardly watch any Chinese movie and shows. But I am quite absorbed when I watched the first half of the movie. It reminds me a lot of Chinese culture and those old days. The first half of movie was about their college life which take place about 10-15 years ago in China. They are quite similar to represent my generation. The second half move forward to current time in China where they grew up. There are a lot of philosophy of love involved. It is like each of the characters want to influence audience with their philosophy of love. Well, you can like it or not. But I think the first half is definitely worth watching.


So the first day ended. The second day was all about film screening and interview of stars. I only attend two of them. Xiubo Wu and Miriam Yeung.

IMG_0138 IMG_0154 IMG_6925 IMG_6930 IMG_6987 IMG_7002 IMG_0117

The first half of third day was still for film screening. and from 4 to 9pm was for the China night closing ceremony. I did not attend the film screening.

IMG_0227 IMG_0223

IMG_0191 IMG_0205

IMG_0239 IMG_0275 IMG_7201 IMG_7163 IMG_7224 IMG_7213

China spend a lot of money at this event. I could not tell you whether this one is better than the second one I attended two years ago. Hard to tell. I look forward to see what they bring to us next year.


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