Street photoshoot for Mostly Heard Rarely Seen Clothing

I do not now much about this brand – Mostly Heard Rarely Seen

One of my friend working for the company. So he conducted this street photoshoot. Models are not professional models. But they did a good job.

I used one speedlight off camera shoot through a 33 inch umbrella.

Camera is Canon 7d, and the lens is 17-55 f2.8. All photo were took at f2.8. I did not use ND filter because the time is around sunset, it is not very bright, so I can keep shutter speed slower than 1/250.

IMG_9356 as Smart Object-1 IMG_9410 as Smart Object-1 IMG_9453 as Smart Object-1 IMG_9503 as Smart Object-1 IMG_9507 as Smart Object-1 IMG_9484 as Smart Object-1


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