My brand new logo

So I decided to design a logo. A Chinese print company designed it for me. I like it overall. What do you think??

I started doing photography in 2011 right after I graduate from college. I was major in Psychology. But I never really know what I should do. My English is poor, and I do not like socialize with people. Do not really have any interest in life prior to the year of 2011. Sounds very pathetic, right? But because of a chance to help a friend to photography a event, I started to engage in photography. It has been three years now. It is hard to believe I adhered to it for 3 years. And tell you I could not make any money in the first year and just a a little in the second year. Third year is better now. I believe it will only get better and better.

Hope one day when I have some achievement in life, and I can inspire some people similar to me. If Kai can survive in the world, you can do it too.




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