My first directed CV

This is a CV for a dessert shop. It was my first time direct a commercial video. It is 5 mins long, so it is more like a short film. I have been doing video for events for almost a year. But for events, I never really need any storyline and script. So this project was very challenge for me. I was not sure what is the procedure for filming a CV. I was also the main videographer. Pretty much I need to handle everything.

The thing I learned mostly is that it is too hard for one person to be both director and videographer. It makes sense. Usually a team has different role for each person. Director, director of photography, main camera man, second camera man, etc. But this is our first time doing this kind of video and budget is very low. So one person has to do so many things. However during the course of film, I feel my brain just can not function. My brain melts. It just become blank. Gladly the owner of the dessert shop always help me out. He always give new suggestion and idea when I get stuck of what to do next. He is like a second director.

I need to focus on the aspect of videography. I need to check exposure and focus for every take. and then I need to think about what is the next scene. Do actor perform good? Should we do another take? Now I really understand why we need different person for different role. I learned what is the procedure of filming a CV. Really a great experience.

The actual filming took one and half days. For people never did filming, it might sounds crazy. 5 mins video took one and half day. However I know those 10 second CV we saw on TV can take just whole day.

Camera used is Panasonic GH3 with 12-35 f2.8 and 35-100 f2.8 lens The slider I was using is average. You will see a few of the slider shots in the video that looks kind wobbling. We used one LED light just for one scene. The scene where the male actor is in the backlight situation. So if I expose him correctly, the background will be totally blow out. However the power of the LED light is not strong enough to over power the sun. Anyway it does add some fill and is better than no light.

The scene on the airport is totally handheld. We found a spot where there was no security. So we could film there with ease.

I know it is nothing like a big project. I hope I can have more opportunities to do this kind of project in the future. And hope it can give some insight for people just start out. You are also very welcome to give suggestion and idea to my CV. There is a link at end of this post. Thank you!

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