Brother MFC-J875DW/J870DW printer: My workflow of printing DVD package

Until last week I did not know how to print DVD and cover. I know DVD is old school. Now everyone watch HD video online. Our eye is get used to HD. I just can not stand DVD quality anymore. But DVD is still the most commonly delivered video format. Yeah I know one day there will be client demand it.

After some research and learning time, this is my workflow. It works for me. I do not know any other product. So can not do comparison. Hope can give some insight for people like me just start out doing this kind of business.

The printer I am using is just regular inkjet printer. The model is Brother MFC-J875DW/J870DW (I think they are identical). I do not know about dedicated disc printer which cost over $1000. I assume they are better for heavy duty. If you just print a few DVDs occasionally. I think regular inkjet printer works just great. I was initially looking for Canon printers. Some cost same as this one. But when I was about to check out at bestbuy. The staff told me the ink for this model is expensive. So he recommended me this Brother MFC-J875DW. It only use four ink cartridges. So I took his advice.

Brother NetworkReady Wireless AllInOne Printer MFC J875DW   Best Buy P1170150

Then I need to buy the printable DVDs. I initially bought this one. It is highly recommend by people online.  Taiyo Yuden JVC WaterShield   50 x DVD R   4.7 GB 16x   white   ink jet printable surface   spindle   storage media  Electronics

Indeed the color looks gorgeous on the disc and it has glossy finish. However you can see the trace of the inner circle on the disc.


Actually the reason I bought another product later is not because of the quality of the disc. It can not be played on my friend’s DVD player. It can be played on my DVD player at home. Weird. Anyway I suspect the reason is that this product is DVD-R. So I bought another product that is DVD+R to see if it works.

SO I bought this one. It actually is a lot less expensive.

Verbatim DVD R DataLifePlus Inkjet Hub Printable 94917 B H Photo

And yes, it can be played at my friend’s DVD player. Interesting…..

This product has matte finish. The color is not as great as the previous one. But to be honestly I would rather buy this product now. And good thing is that it does not leave the mark of the inner circle on the disc.


Ok the next is the DVD case. I searched a lot. Many DVD case on amazon and ebay seems has low quality. I finally find this product and I am happy of the quality.

100 Premium Standard Solid White Color Single DVD Cases Professional Use   eBay P1170149

The final step is design and print the DVD insert and DVD label. You can just search DVD lable and DVD cover template online. You will find photoshop template for it. I did mine DVD cover in photoshop and DVD lable use the included software from the Brother MFC-J875DW.

cover2 cover

Forget to mention this is the paper I use. It has matte finish. But It does not cut perfectly. It leave some space when put in the DVD case. Overall it is good. And $10 for 50 papers. Can not beat the price.


Ok this is the final product. I am quite happy. I learned new stuff even though I know it is really old school stuff.

P1170135 P1170136P1170137


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