photoshoot for Joy burger bar

Shooting food for Joy burger bar at west village. They have been looking for someone to photography their food for long time. Recently a coworker recommended me to them.

Food looks great. I only hoping they have better looking plate. The plate is kind ugly, so they use paper to cover. Does not look elegant for photoshoot purpose. As usual, I brought my own napkin and plate mat.

P1190158 P1190203 P1190213 P1190234 P1190267

2014-10-20-11-32-28_photo 2014-10-20-12-00-57_photo

5 Comments Add yours

  1. yulikoua说道:

    looks very tasty)

    1. liukaitc说道:

      Thank you for you compliment.

  2. ddraug1说道:

    That looks like a challenge, I’m not sure how I would have handled the plate. The wax paper might work better in a basket, but I think you are right to use it, if the plate was that bad.

    1. liukaitc说道:

      Thank you for you advice. I think I should just communicate more before shooting next time. I should always tell client do not use plastic silverware, paper plate, etc.

      1. ddraug1说道:

        Yes, I think communication is the key to avoiding surprises like that. Perhaps having a quick session to storyboard the client’s ideas and yours prior to the shoot.


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