Photoshoot for a bubble tea shop

If you go to Flushing, New York, the most popular shop you see are those bubble tea drink shop. Every year, there are several new ones opening. When I first came to the town 10 years ago. There were only like 2 or 3 brand, and a very few shops in the town. Now they are really booming. If you live in New York, definitely come to Flushing, taste the most popular drink in Asia right now.

So there is a new food court opening in next week. I photographed some drinks for one of the shops there.

P1190303_1x P1190344x P1190376 P1190392 P1190410x P1190423x

The cups are bought for photoshoot only. They first served with regular plastic cup. That is how they goona serve. But when we took a look at the photo, that does not look elegant. So they bought some cups next door. You can see they look a lot better after.


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