Panasonic 12-35 mm f/2.8 is crazily prone to flare!!


My mostly used lens for my GH3 camera – Panasonic G X VARIO 12-35 mm f/2.8 ASPH. P.O.I.S. It stays on my camera like 80% times.

But this lens has one big drawback. That is it is insanely prone to flare. I never used a lens that is so weak against bright light.

Let’s take a look at the review from for this lens. 2014-10-30 17-46-01

ok let’s take a look of what I get of using this lens. The flare is crazy. I am not even shooting totally backlight yet.

P1180502 P1180504P1180685

Not just flare, the contast decline significantly when shooting against bright light.

Here is a recent photo. First one I think there is no light leaking into my lens. So the contrast and color are wonderful. The second picture there should be some light leaking into my lens. As result, the contrast and image quality decline siginficantly. Note both photos are original out of camera.

P1190031 P1190032

Overall, this lens is very versatile. So compact and lightweight. It has wonderful image quality( when not shoot backlight). It is many people’s go to lens for filmmaking.

But just keep in mind. Try avoid use this lens in backlight situation. I never used a lens as weak as this one against bright light.


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