Which one is more difficulty? Photography or videography?

I consider myself fusion. I do both photography and video. Which art require more skills? What are your guys thought? I am not talking about big featured film or any very high end video production. In my opinion those are way way more difficult than any type of photography. Let’s say a wedding filmmaker and a wedding photographer, which one require more skill?

From my experience, making video require a lot of more brain process than taking photo.

First of all, the key difference between photo and video to me is that photo is about one moment, video is about sequence of many moments. When I take photo, my brain only need to focus on current moment. I try my best to capture one frame of image that is the best presentation of current moment. As for video, I need to think many steps. To demonstrate my point. Here is a short clip I recently edited. One photographer and me went to shoot a model. He was doing photo and I was doing video. We give each other some time to do their own shooting.

This is a very normal clip every videographer can make. My point is that when I was shooting, I need to think about what is the next shot, how I am going to edit later on. I need to have a basic vision about the final look. Wide shot, close up shots, different angle. How the motion flows and connect. Upon that I also need to think about basic exposure, framing, focus and so on. Yes any frame is not as beautiful as a photo came from the photographer. But still need to look good. So usually if I am shoot video for half day, my brain will feel exhausted. Many times can not process anymore. But if I was doing photoshoot for restaurant, I can shoot whole day still has energy left.

What are you guys thinking. Any one doing both photo and video has same experience as me?


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