Aputure AL-528S LED Video Light unboxing

I ordered two Aputure AL-528S LED Video Light. It is sold as a bundle at amazon for $360.

This model has other two version w and c. w is wide beam version. c is bicolor version. Mine is s is spotlight version. Go check some review on youtube. You will be able to find difference and how they perform. I need more power, so I choose s version.


For same price, this bundle include two more light stands as free. The light stands is lighweight. Not heavy duty one. But still worth like $20.

IMG_20141124_192510 IMG_20141124_194651 IMG_20141124_194708 IMG_20141124_194728

Pretty nice package. There is no battery inside. So you need prepare your own battery.

It is ipad size and pretty lightweight. I can easily carry one and two in my backpack.

IMG_20141124_194833 IMG_20141124_194849

Based on my first look. The color is very nice. I have another branded bigger LED lights. I think this new light has better color accuracy just based on my impression now. I can do some test later on when I have time.


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