My live event video reel

Today I have time to organize some of my video works for events. I can not really call it a reel because a reel video is consist of hundreds of different and very short shots. If I showing my event video that way people are not be able to understand what my works about. So I just put several parts together.

I have been freelance for some local Chinese entertainment companies for over 1 year now. I really gain so much experience and skill. At beginning I have no idea how to do multicam video production. I have no idea how to get the great sounds from DJ board. I learned little by little during the course of my jobs. Now I can see I am good for small to medium size of event. The final result obvious depends on budget. For event video, the most important factor is how many cameras you have. The more angles you can covers, the more professional and better looking the final result will be. So one person is really limited. Personal creativity does not play a lot of role here. Some of my works only contain myself as shooter, some contain two shooters, a few even contain 3 shooters. But many times I wish I could have 4, 5 cameras angles.

All my event videos are filmed with DSLR primarily. It is a bit different from using traditional ENG style of video camera. I talked about how I shoot event video using DSLR in my another post before.

Overall I think I have use DSLR video to its fully capability now.

I have pretty good experience doing this type of video now. So If anyone want to discuss any topic related, welcome to comment below. I will answer your questions. Thanks!!


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