Cinevate Cyclops Viewfinder: Cool gear but does not fit my shooting style

I bought this Cinevate Cyclops Viewfinder a few month ago. I was looking for a LCD viewfinder for my GH3 to shooting better handheld video. But I actually only used it twice. I find it just not fit my shooting style.


This is the kit I bought. The main piece attach to a Universal Accessory Mount using the 1/4″ screw. and then clamp to 15mm rod system.


If you do not use 15mm rod system. There is another way to mount it to your dslr. I just use a magic arm. I take off the Universal Accessory Mount, and mount the magic arm on the main piece. I mount the magic arm to my dslr cage then. This is how I mount it.


It works well. And this able you to shoot handheld without any rig. This is a device that can aim you shooting in both handhled and tripod shooting style.

The big plus of this product over other LCD viewfinders is the optic inside. I do not know the spec. But I can tell you it give me a WOW effect when I look though it. I can just look at it everyday. It feels really good. It is like I am looking at a 4-5 inch monitor instead the 3 inch screen. It is really big and crisp. It helps a lot for manual focus. I think no other LCD viewfinder give this kind of quality.

If I use it on tripod, I can be 1 foot away and still be able to see the whole screen.


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So why do I not use it???

I just find for tripod shooting style, I prefer external monitor that is even bigger. A 7 inch monitor does not occupy more space than this viewfinder. And give you better view. If I use handheld shooting style, this thing is too big. It push my body further back, and put more strain on the hands. besides it is not very convenient to mount directly to dslr. I feel more comfortable handheld using smaller LCD viewfinder. So I end up just not using it. because for either situation I have better tool for me.

This was me using it in a MV shooting. I only used it for a few minutes, and then I switched to my 7 inch external monitor.

This is a cool looking tool and indeed has great performance. It might fit your shooting style but not me.

10540728_692137417545037_6725423975145327813_o (1)


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