Waiting my work to be released drive me crazy

Have you had same emotion as me. You are excited about your works and can not wait to share them. But clients let you sign an agreement, so you can not share it until they let you do. You need to suppress your eagerness and desire. You must had the same feeling as me.

I did two music videos on September. I have been waiting up to now and client still is not releasing it. So I can not share it. These are my first music video works in my career.

I did two food photoshoots for two food companies on November. One let me signed an agreement that I can not share the photo for 1 year. And another tell me to hold on until he give me permission. These are my first photoshoots for food company.

As you can see I am super excited about these works. Not complaining. I understand the nature of this type of business. It is just I feel crazy now……


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